My tarot reading experience can be briefly read as a blog post here and on my Tarot & Me page.

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General Questions

How do I book a tarot reading?

This page walks you through it step by step.

I want a free reading. What do I do?

Fill out this google form and I’ll email you with a confirmation notice shortly after.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

I do, but there are a few things I need of you first. If you’re interested in the sliding scale, proceed to build your reading and keep your items in the cart first. Then email me at taiareadstarot@gmail.com so I can create and activate your coupon. Check out after receiving the coupon.

The sliding scale can be no more than 35% off your purchase. I hope it helps!

What about a reading consultation?

You can book a reading consultation on my website and fill in the required information (what you need clarity on) in the order notes upon checkout. If you forget, you can also email the required information to taiareadstarot@gmail.com.

Could you give me a brief summary of your store policies?

Sure. Regarding my legal notices: None of my services replace medical advice, therapy, or substitute as legal advice. These readings are for spiritual guidance and you could argue entertainment purposes as well.

Privacy policies: Any of the information we discuss while the reading is taking place is 100% (one hundred percent confidential. It will never leave the Zoom meeting, twitter DMs, etc., unless you were to leak the information yourself.

Refund policies: Tarot reading clients will be given full refunds no later than 24 hours before any scheduled conversing readings. If someone purchases a conversing reading and I am a day late, they are given a two dollar refund ($2) for every day that I am late, starting with $2 on day one. Readings sent electronically (as a voice memo, PDF, etc.) will not be refunded because I can’t reverse send an email.

Cancellation policies: Any clients who cancel within 24 hours of receiving the scheduled reading will only receive 50% of the total cost of their purchase back.

Do you predict the future in your readings?

I do not predict anything in my readings. I can see a few possible outcomes, but I cannot promise which ones will come to fruition. I can only pick up on current or lingering energies. If people can predict solid outcomes in tarot, I’m not there yet.

What’s the best reading to get from you?

I find that I conduct more love readings than career and mental health readings. I like to think that my readings are empowering and inspiring, so I don’t mind conducting love readings. I would say my best readings are ones that help you reflect on your mental health and your life right now. Book a Full Glass reading.

Do I have to create an account to book a reading with you?

No, not at all. Signing up for an account makes it easier to purchase a second reading, if you come back. Creating an account also adds you to my list of lovely people who receive my newsletter.

What if my reading didn’t resonate with me?

I’m terribly sorry that happened. I can’t say for sure why, other than it’s a mystery.

Would I get a refund for a reading that didn’t resonate?

Unfortunately, no. I can’t undo the reading. The best we can do is schedule a free reading consultation, which could provide more clarity for you.

Do you take Cashapp, Zelle, or Venmo?

Yes, I do! Just fill out this google form and once we nail out the final details, I will book your reading and you can expect it in your inbox in a few days.

Do I have to select a receiving method when booking a reading?

It’s not a big deal if you don’t select a receiving method. The default method is a typed message, which will be a PDF without any photos of the cards. (Also, just saying that the PDF method is a typed message with photos.) So, if you forget to select a methods, you’re still good to go. The typed message will be roughly two pages, single-spaced. I will try to interpret as much as I can for you. However, if you want to have the reading live, be sure to select one of the Converse packages.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can email me any questions and concerns to taiareadstarot@gmail.com.

Serious business inquiries can be emailed to taiadominiquecreations@gmail.com

Specific Questions

I want to learn more about the services you offer before I purchase them. What do I do?

There are small blog posts about each reading coming out this week. By Friday, all of the posts will be uploaded and you’ll be able to read about each tarot reading I provide in more detail soon.

How soon can I expect my reading after booking?

At this moment, clients can expect their readings no later than a week from purchasing. Since conversing readings are scheduled, they may be the only ones that take a bit longer.

Why do some readings come with oracles and some don’t?

This is a personal choice. I feel like certain readings require certain oracles. Remember, you can always add two additional Oracle cards to any reading. Do not assume every reading has a oracle deck assigned to it. Look for my reminder: “DEFAULT ORACLES: XYZ.”

What does “optional oracles” mean?

“Optional oracles” means that the following list of oracles can be added to your reading. If your selected reading comes with oracles, you can switch out oracle decks free of charge by specifying which oracles you would like in the NOTES section before checking out. (You can also email this to me if you forget.)

However, since some readings come with assigned oracles by default, any oracles you choose to add later will be pulled in addition to the reading’s default oracles. Adding oracles is $2 for every 2 cards.

Truthfully: my list of optional oracles is my personal opinion of which oracles would better suit the reading.

Why do you have a “tarot reading consultation”?

It’s for people who have been confused by the reading they received, whether from me or someone else. I offer this service to provide clarity.

Why do you do “free weekend readings”?

It’s my way of giving back to the world. I enjoy reading tarot for people and I’m aware not everyone has a budget for booking a reading with me. This allows me to help more people.

However, if you book this kind of reading with me, you’ll have to be patient. I can promise you’ll receive your reading within a week of booking, but because it is free, it’s not high on my priority list. May I recommend a Full Glass reading?

What’s the difference in scheduling a reading with you versus other receiving the reading as a typed message or voice memo?

I automatically set aside around an hour of my time to discuss the cards with you when you schedule a reading with me. I like conversing readings because we can talk over the cards and figure out what’s going on together, versus you receiving my typed message and going about your day. Conversing readings allow for you to receive as many cards as you want in the allotted time, starting with a minimum of fourteen (14) cards.

What’s the differences between full readings and miniature readings?

Two differences: Receiving methods and the amount of cards I will interpret.

Miniature readings can only be received as PDFs, typed messages, or voice memos. Full readings do not have that problem.

I will interpret fourteen (14) tarot cards for full readings. As mentioned in the last question, conversing readings will have a minimum of fourteen (14) cards interpreted during the reading. For miniature readings, regardless of receiving method, I will only analyze seven (7) cards.

Only 7 cards?

I am working a day job on top of my Patreon, blog, etc., and this is only for miniature readings. You can always ask for more cards by selecting “Stack It”.

What if my reading is an emergency?

If the reading is an emergency, I ask that you sit with yourself for a few minutes. Really look within yourself and see if you need an answer right away. Ask your question out loud. Look for a sign first. If you receive no clarity, then come to me. Type “EMERGENCY” or “SOS” in the NOTES section at checkout and I will do my best to expedite your reading.

Please note you will still have to choose a receiving method. A typed message may be easier for both of us versus scheduling a conversing reading. All up to you.

Do you offer Zoom readings?

At the moment, no. I am hardly ever camera ready. I only offer real-time readings through twitter DMs.

How else can I receive a reading from you?

My Patreon supporters of a certain tier receive a “free” monthly tarot reading on a subject of their choice. They also receive monthly collective energy readings, as well as access to short stories, sneak peeks at future content, etc. If they so choose, they can book more readings with me at a discount as well. Read more about my Patreon here.

Is it bad if I become a recurring client?

I am honored you trust me with your energy. Of course not. I’d love to help.

*Updated September 6th, 2021