Legal Notices

I do not predict anything specific in my readings. I can see a few possible outcomes, but I cannot promise which ones will come to fruition. I can only pick up on current or lingering energies. I am simply not at the level of predicting anything through tarot.

However, despite my love for tarot, I believe in science, modern medicine, being nourished spiritually, and therapy. Do not base any life-altering decisions on a tarot reading. Talk to who you need to, seek any medical advice you need, and weigh the pros and cons. I am not held legally responsible for any decision you make after your reading with me. Energy is ever-changing and you are the architect of your life. Your decisions are your own.

None of my services replace medical advice, therapy, or substitute as legal advice. These readings are for spiritual guidance and you could argue entertainment purposes as well.

Privacy Policy

Any of the information we discuss while the reading is taking place is 100% (one hundred percent) confidential. It will never leave the Zoom meeting, twitter DMs, etc., unless you were to leak the information yourself. I value my clients’ privacy and I will never disclose any information I come across.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

There is no guarantee every reading will resonate, and refunds are not given for readings that unfortunately do not resonate with you.

Scheduled Readings

If a client decides to cancel a reading before the 24 hour deadline, their money will be refunded to them as soon as possible.

If the client tries to cancel their reading within 24 hours of the scheduled time, they will only receive 50% of the total cost of their purchase back.

If someone purchases a conversing reading and I am a day late, they are given a two dollar refund ($2) for every day that I am late, starting with $2 on day one.

Readings received as voice memos, PDFs, etc. aka Electronic Readings

Readings sent electronically (as a voice memo, PDF, etc.) will not be refunded because I can’t reverse send an email.

You can email any questions to taiareadstarot@gmail.com and check out the FAQ page.

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*Updated June 30th, 2021