Tarot & Me

I’ve been reading tarot for two years, but I didn’t look at my cards more seriously until February of 2020. I use tarot for self reflection and occasionally decision making, and after a particularly enlightening reading in September of 2019, I decided that I needed more tarot readings in my life. You can read about my journey with tarot here.

The main tarot deck I use is called The Wild Unknown Tarot. My two oracle decks are called The Universe Has Your Back and the Threads of Fate Oracle deck, rose gold edition. You can see a few sample photos here.

Like all tarot readers, I like to practice. I love the artwork and discovering the numerous meanings every card can have. I’m still learning them and reading tarot for other people helps reinforce what I learn.

I do not predict anything specific in my readings. I can see a few possible outcomes, but I cannot promise which ones will come to fruition. I can only pick up on current or lingering energies. I am simply not at the level of predicting anything through tarot.

However, despite my love for tarot, I believe in science, modern medicine, being nourished spiritually, and therapy. Do not base any life-altering decisions on a tarot reading. Talk to who you need to, seek any medical advice you need, and weigh the pros and cons. I am not held legally responsible for any decision you make after your reading with me. Energy is ever-changing and you are the architect of your life. Your decisions are your own.

If you’d like a tarot reading from me, please fill out this form and I should get back to you within the day to schedule a future reading with you. I like to converse with the person I’m reading for while conducting the reading. The readings can run long, almost to an hour sometimes. I like to make sure that the messages are resonating, hence why I sit with my client and discuss the cards with them. However, I realize that I want my clients to have choices when it came to booking a tarot reading, hence the creation of my tarot booking form.

However, if you have had a reading for me and have questions, please fill out this form and I should get back to you within the week with your questions answered.

If you feel inspired to, you can send me a tip to my cashapp  $TaiaDomi , my Venmo @TaiaDomi, or to my personal Paypal link. You can also help support me and my craft by subscribing to my Patreon page, if you desire to.

Thank you for reading. I hope to read for you soon. ❤

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