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Red Sugar

After losing his father to lung cancer, Lewis leaves his past behind him and puts down the LSD to properly manage the old mansion he inherited from his father’s death. The problem is Lewis can’t tell if he’s having withdrawals or if the house is actually haunted. Act one of the first draft – subjected to change.

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C.O.D.Y.’s Intentions

Raymond McCoy decides to have his body frozen after the death of his lover, Matthew, in 2020. Believing to never wake up again, Ray goes under with no hope for his future. However, Ray is woken up in 2287 by an illegally emotional robot, Cutie, where he reunites with an old friend from the past. He and Tina are now in 2287, where the remnants of humanity resides in domes with robots, designed to cater to their every need. Ray quickly discovers that the new “Eden” is not what it appears to be.

Act one of the sixth draft – subjected to change.



A young witch escapes her old home to start over at Highpoint Springs, a small tourist town that houses an even smaller community of people like Ezra Reeves. Ezra quickly settles in with the help of the local mystics and finds that she’s caught on a crush on one of them: Zinnia Evers.

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Sins of the Sun

After being banished from the Sun Temple and a failed assassination attempt, Shimera decides to return to her faith and the people that shunned her by any means necessary, even if it means rejecting her entire being.

The first draft is currently being written. Take a peek at the chapter archive.


Straight to Hell

“Global warming fucked up the world. A young rich couple hide out in their lavishly decorated, somehow all-you-can-ask-for bunker and wait for the world outside to recover, not realizing they should have died with everyone else.”

According to a phone memo, which captured this idea on July 5th, 2021.

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