Recruiting Beta Readers

Hi there! Thank you for expressing your interest in wanting to be a beta reader for Blood of the Fallen. I am still in the middle of editing the novel, but I would like a bit of help from those willing.

I thought I’d answer a few questions. If you have any other questions, you can email me at or DM me on Twitter.


About Blood of the Fallen

Luciana “Lucy” Snow discovers that she is part of a secret society that conceals the presence of the supernatural. After reuniting with her childhood friends, Lucy is asked to rejoin the society she was forced to forget as a child for her safety.

Target Audience: 16+ (YA)

Warnings: Foul language & graphic violence

How does the process work?

The way the process goes is that I will send you a chapter once a week. After we sit down and discuss said chapter, I will send you the next. I would like to have the weekend to review beta reader responses, so depending on how many betas I get, I can send the next chapter within 3 days of receiving the reviews.

Ideally, it would go like this: I send you a chapter on Friday and get your response on the next Friday, if not sooner. It would be great to receive reviews as soon as possible.

I don’t want it to feel like homework, so if anyone would want to DM me directly and discuss the chapter, please let me know at least three hours before you’d like to do so.

I will send you the next chapter after reviewing your response and if I don’t review your response on that Friday, you should have the next chapter on the following Sunday. I will also tell you I have received your response and I hope to interact with you as well before sending you the next chapter.

How often will I send you chapters?

I would ideally like to do one chapter a week. I have work and school as well, and so it seems that even one chapter a week might be a stretch.

How should I answer your questions as a beta?

I would like for you to send me answers through my email. If you want to discuss the chapter directly, we can talk through twitter (my preferred account).

What is the expected time frame per chapter?

I give all my beta readers one week to read each chapter.


I’d like for you to answer these questions immediately after reading, if possible. It would be lovely if you could delete your copy of the PDF within two weeks of receiving it. If I send you the 1st chapter on the 1st, you delete it on the 14th, once you’re two chapters ahead. It would make me feel better. You can’t share any of the novel with anyone outside of this, hence why I would like for you to delete the PDF of the chapter you’ve read after two weeks of receiving it or (even better) after answering the questionnaire.

Still interested?

If you’d like to be a beta reader, please email me at with BETA in the subject line so I can send you a short questionnaire.

In the email, I would like for you to provide your name, gender, email address, and the social media account you would use to discuss the questions.

In the same email, please answer the following:

Why do you want to be a beta reader (for this novel in particular)?
What are the genres of TV shows you like to watch?
What are the genres you like to read?

Please send this to me once you finish answering these questions. After I have reviewed your answers and I think we can work well together, I will send you the PDF of chapter 1 and the questions for the chapter. I’d like to send everyone chapter one on the same day, but that might not be the case.

Anyhow, if you find that its easier to DM me your responses instead of emailing me, please DM me at Twitter or whichever social media account you happen to prefer. I will still ask you the questions off the questionnaire, though. 🙂

Thank you so much for your help!

*last updated Feb 9th, 2018